Monday, 10 April 2017

Madame Butterfly



  1. Hi, I was looking for hours last night for Cire but found, instead your blogs. Did you ever find out what happened to him? I sadly no longer have the computer that had his work and almost thought myself mental, thinking I made him up! Your dolls are gorgeous!

    1. Hiya, thanks for writing! :)
      No sadly I never did find out what happened to the artist Cire... I have tried to Google him and his artwork many times, but I never find any information on him :( I was thinking maybe the best way to gain information would be to make a thread on some sort of gothic/punk forum (if such things still exists??) as his work was pretty well known in the goth community back in the 90s..

    2. I think that might be the best...although I cant think of anything still around/active :(