Sunday, 16 November 2014

Little Pink Lady

Type: Simply Love Me (RBL mold)

Work done:
- New make up sealed with MSC
- Lip, nose and philtrum carving
- New eyelashes

- Sleep eyes
- New pink Twiggy pull rings & glass bead deco
- Hand painted eyelids
- Gaze correction & boogled eyes
- 4 x new handpainted eye chips; 1xpair golden, 1xpair metallic baby blue, 1xpair purple/golden & 1xpair green

- Re-root on CoolCat scalp done in pink Wensleydale wool (knot method)- the wool used for this re-root is unfortunately less silky/fine than the wool I normally use (bad batch maybe? not sure why..). This means the hair feels slightly more rough and 'wooly' compared to previous re-roots.